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Your Tunnel to Native
for Internet Marketers

The first network to adjust native advertising to the needs of Internet marketers back in 2015.

We invested our previous experience and have since tried all sorts of approaches to make native advertising the most effective strategy for CPM/CPC marketing.


Native advertising is an excellent promotion method for websites and offers.

You get relevant traffic to your website, mobile app or offer
and pay only for valid clicks.

the traffic that converts

With a set of tools for analysis and optimization you will aquire the audience that matches your offer perfectly resulting in more than positive ROI.

A set of macros
Selective bidding
At CoolGuruji you can set you own effective bids per click and manage your traffic flow getting effective EPC rates in any vertical you choose.

With CoolGuruji you enjoy:

the traffic that performs
wide targeting options
effective optimization tools
attractive bids


Enjoy the traffic that performs for your offers!

Ad Publishing

With CoolGuruji you can add a new effective source of revenue
keeping your existing ones intact.

Being a paid publisher allows you to monetize traffic and earn money by simply displaying native ads on your
website in places you would never imagine could generate revenue.

native ad units

Artificial intelligence picks the content that the visitor is most likely to engage with based
on behavioral patterns they were following on other websites.
CoolGuruji`s widget will fit your website like it has always been there!

With CoolGuruji you:

monetize all countries and devices
benefit from highest revenue share rates upto $5 USD
get minimum payouts from $10 USD per month
place single ad unit only, no pop-ups, no affiliate ads
get paid for each click / impression
enjoy fastest payouts each month with Net 15 Terms

Become a publisher

Start monetizing your traffic in minutes with CoolGuruji!

    Just take 3 days trial, You'll be satisfied with our highest rates in the market !